Use of hexavalent chromium in coatings stopped

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As part of our environmental work ASSA OEM has at the end of 2010, stopped manufacturing products that are coated with hexavalent chromium.

We have since 2009 worked on replacing all of our finishes at ASSA OEM with better alternative, where we in most cases have gone over to a trivalent chromium coating process, with one exception, and that is yellow chromated products where we have found no good alternative.

Examples of products that had this finish are hinges and strikes. As there are not any alternatives that are environmentally friendly, providing the right quality and finish, the following coatings have been deleted from our poduct range:

 051 = Zinc-alloy yellow
 055 = Zinc-alloy non-yellow coating
 056 = Zinc-alloy yellow luxury
 060 = chromating
 062 = Zinc-alloy yellow