Security handle 837S


Used for the inside of windows, glazed doors and cupboard doors with an espagnolette, and which needs to be secured against forced entry or unauthorized opening.


  • Available in straight, right and left versions.
  • Lockable with cylinder (not included).
  • Security handle is available in polished chrome and satin chrome.
  • Approved according to SS 3620 Class B.
  • Spindle length 43 eller 53 mm
  • ASSA 835S is locked by turning a key.


  • Locking is done with oval cylinder of type standard.
  • The key can be removed while in unlocked position.
  • The handle has a slip coupling (not applicable to handle with 7 mm square spindle), which is operated when overloaded to prevent breaking of the lock mechanism in case of attempted forced entry and unauthorized opening from the inside
  • When the grip slips, the espagnolette is not activated until after unlocking.
  • After the grip has been slipping, the security handle must be replaced.


  • Zamak, chrome plated, satin chrome, brass plated or powder painted white.
  • Spindle of 8 mm galvanized square steel.
  • A 7 mm square spindle can be delivered on request. However, not available with slip coupling (see Operation and features).


For single sash, and for coupled sash where the inner sash is at least 35 mm, see illustration 1, page G 146. For single sash with an older type of espagnolette, see illustrations 2 and 3, page G 146. Use mounting plate ASSA 841S. For coupled sash, where the inner sash is less than 35 mm, see illustrations 4, page G 146. Use fixing plate ASSA 5325. For coupled sash with an older type of espagnolette, see illustrations 5 and 6, page G 146. Use mounting plate ASSA 841S and fixing plate ASSA 5325.


Oval cylinder of standard type. Mounting plate ASSA 841S. Fixing plate ASSA 5325. Handle coupling ASSA 833, used when handle should be mounted on both sides. Screw included. ASSA 835S is also available with micro switch. Item no. 0835SMB00.

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