Espagnolette 550


Used inside of cabinet doors and hatches of wood or steel.


  • Three-point-closing by a single handle operation.
  • Right and left are determined by the two stop pins, which are fixed diagonally with the cap screws.
  • The stroke length is 15 mm for each pole and 16 mm for the side bolt.


a) Bottom plate with rower, side bolt, stop pin, lock linkage and cover.

b) locking bars 4 x 8 mm with chamfered end.

c) Rod hangers. (2 pcs 4068 included).


  • Rower and stop pin of zamak metals.
  • Lock linking 4070 of brass. (Only used lockable espagnolette with pressure cylinder)
  • Rod bracket 4068 of white acetal plastic. (On request, steel rod, 4389, supplied).
  • Other parts made of galvanized steel

Stock length

Total espagnolette length: 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 mm. Size refers to the open position (rods retracted into lock housing). Handle height: middle.


  • Receiver.
  • Steel rod, 4389.
  • Handles 55, or another option.
  • Push cylinder, 2940
  • Handle, 423
  • Cylinder ring, 4081
  • Security handle.


When mounting on wooden door, use:

  • Lock cover: no. 8 (4.0 mm) TKX / DIN 7995 
  • For bar guide 4068: no. 5 (3.0mm) TKFX / DIN 7995
  • For striking plates: no. 5 (3.0mm) TFX / DIN 7997

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