Espagnolette S8551


Made-to-measure espagnolette for double doors. Used for outward- and inward-opening double doors. Mounted at the top of passive doors. 


  • Used like ASSA S8552 and for fireproof doors, which is to close automatically.
  • End bolt top only, chamfered, spring-operated. 
  • Face plate 25 x 2 mm in galvanized steel.
  • Right and left.

Backset / Lockset

  • 23 mm / 36 mm
  • 40 mm / 53 mm


  • The espagnolettes have reversed handle movement.
  • When closed, the handle is horizontal.
  • When open, the handle is pointing down.
  • On ASSA S8551 and S8651, the handle returns to a horizontal position after closing. (Applies to handles without locking position.)
  • General description, catalogue section B.

Instructions for milling

Instructions for milling, with measure-ments, catalogue section E.


  • Receiver, page F 114-F 115, F 119
  • Handle fixture ASSA 806, page C 75.
  • Handle ASSA 17, page G 138.
  • For ASSA S8551 and S8651, handles without locking position should be used, catalogue section G. 

When ordering, please state:

  • 1. Item number
  • 2. Length
  • 3. Handle height
  • 4. Right or left (applies to ASSA S8551).

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