ASSA Allswing Top Swing


Top Swing Window fittings for reversible windows that can be swung around 170 °.


  • Easy to use in all situations.
  • It opens and closes with a handle that sits at the bottom of the bow, which lock espagnolette.
  • Receivers are available with integrated ventilation position.
  • Allswing Top Swing has an integrated opening limiter with a maximum opening of 100 mm.
  • The innovative design means that the arc remains within the external frame dimensions when it is rotated 170 ° and the window is not in contact with curtains, plants or other on the window sill.
  • At the double seal, customers an energy efficient windows with low U-value and improved noise reduction.
  • Allswing window fittings gives only 5.5 mm between the frame and sash, and fitting well protected against the weather.
  • Window profiles is also suitable as a frame for fixed windows and door.The fitting is well-suited for cost-effective production and, thanks to a smooth frame profile minimizes the number of recesses, giving more glass area.
  • The design provides a profile for multiple functions and that's enough with 6 seizures sizes and fewer arc and frame profiles.


  • An integrated opening limiter with a push button that provides a user-friendly window with high security.
  • To make it safer to washing the windows and maintenance of the window there is also an integrated washing peak fitting.
  • To further limit the sash opening, an extra latch mounted on the bracket, known as a hotel lock.
  • Security pins provide interlocking joint between the frame and sash and reinforced sash fixtures.

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