ASSA 1924


1924 is a lever lock with 8 levers intended for use in storage units, archives doors, etc.

Area of use

Lever locks 1924 is intended for storage devices, archives doors, etc.

Features / Function

  • 1924 has 8 levers in brass
  • Doublebitted key, in a large number of combinations that do not recur
  • The lock has three bolt links, which after a quarter turn handle rotation, giving locking out the 20 mm
  • Square hole for pressure is 9 mm
  • The key hole are available from only one side key and can only be removed in locked position.
  • The lock is available in both right and leftKeyhole
  • Pin for key management
  • Keys are not included, order separately
  • Spare keys are made only if the original key is sent
  • Category D

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