ASSA Module 8765 MPL


Multi point lock with 360 degree key-turn and a central lock with a straight bolt and lever latch.

Area of use

Multi point lock for front doors.


  • 360 degree key-turn.
  • Central lock with a straight bolt and lever latch.
  • Available with backset 50 och 70mm.
  • Follower with square spindle 8 mm.
  • Standard design with hook bolts.
  • Wedge bolts as an alternative to improved sealing.
  • Standard length 1700mm.
  • Ordering measurements are possible for other lengths.
  • Bar plate 25x2 mm
  • Available in both right and left-handed.
  • Optional; Brake Transmission and microswitch.
  • Product types:
    • M5000: Standard length 1700 with hook bolts. M5001: Order measure with wedge bolts.
    • M5002: Order measure with hook bolts.


  • When the door is unlocked, the hook/wedge bolts and deadbolt are retracted. The latch bolt is engaged and keeps the door in place and closed position.
  • The handle is in a horizontal position and is pushed down to open the door. The door can be closed without pushing the handle down.
  • The door is locked when the handle is lifted upwards. The handle returns to a horizontal position.
  • The locking is then done with a key or turn catch. The deadbolt is then engaged and interlocked with the hook/wedge bolts.
  • To lock: lift the handle to lock the hook bolts, turn the key or thumbturn 360 degrees to lock the deadbolt and interlock the lock case.
  • To unlock: turn the key or thumb turn 360 degrees to retract the deadbolt and lift the interlockand open the door by pushing down the handle that draws in the latch and the hook bolts.


Striker plate

  • For the central lock: ASSA 5950.
  • For the hook bolts: ASSA's C888, 7210 or 7200. 
  • For the wedge bolts: ASSA's 62R or 622R.
  • ASSA's lever handle spring return.
  • ASSA's drill protection accessories LS 12209.


This product is designed in order to make their life cycle provide minimal impact on the environment. The product is recycled as scrap metal, any micro-switches are separated and recycled as electronic waste.

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