ASSA Connect 410 MPL


Multi point lock with hook bolt, 360 degree locking and hook bolts.

Area of use

Multi-point lock for entrance door, security door, window doors and narrow profile in the housing sector in villas, apartments, service, etc., where approved locking device exists.


  • 360 degree key-turn.
  • Meets the requirements of Swedish Standard SS 3522, ed. 4, class 3 TR29
  • Included in the insurance approved lock, available with cylinder on the inside and on the outside.
  • Available with backset 35, 40 and 50 mm.
  • Lock depth 49, 54 and 64 mm.
  • Central lock with lever latch and reinforced hook bolt.
  • Patent applied for capsulated deadlocking.
  • 2 extra hook bolts.
  • Provides interlocking joints between the door and frame for added security.
  • Handing of the lever latch is reversible.
  • Hardened steel lever latch for fire-rated doors.
  • Stainless steel bar plate 25 x 2,5 mm.
  • Manufactured in lengths of 1000 mm and above, standard length is 1700

    mm and 1000 mm. 
  • Optional; Extra locks, built-in microswitch, 22 mm rail width.


  • When the door is unlocked, the hook/wedge bolts and deadbolt are retracted. The lever is in operation and keeps the door in place in the closed position.
  • The handle is in a horizontal position and is pushed down to open the door. The door can be closed without pushing the handle down.
  • The door is locked when the handle is lifted upwards. The handle returns to a horizontal position.
  • To lock: lift the handle to lock out the hook bolt and hook bolts, turn the key 360 degrees to interlock the lock case.
  • To unlock: turn the key 360 degrees to lift the interlock and open the door by pushing down the handle that draws in the latch, bolt and hook bolts.


Striker plate

  • For the center unit: ASSA's Security strike 1487-1HD - 1487-4 HD or 1487-11 - 1487-13.
  • For the hook bolts: ASSA's Security strike 1488-1HD - 1488-4 HD.
  • ASSA's handle with return spring.
  • ASSA Connect MPL series is designed to meet the highest security requirements where double cylinder is part of the specification. For this reason it is recommended to use double round cylinder, approved in accordance with SS3522 Class 3.


This product is designed in order to make their life cycle provide minimal impact on the environment. The product is recycled as scrap metal, any micro-switches are separated and recycled as electronic waste.

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