1887-3, flat


For perimiter protection and other important doors, where security is essential.


  • Complies withthe Swedish Standard SS 3522, Class 3.
  • Included in the insurance approved lock.
  • Mounted with high security screws to resist higher break force and for maximum resistance to attack.


  • To protect the bolt from physical attack and manipulation.
  • With edge-rolled front of low friction between strike plate and lock the latch.
  • Plane the security strike plates  1887-1 - 1887-5 for module locks have adjustable support screws to eliminate elasticity in the frame.
  • Plane the security strike plates 1887-1 - 1887-4 can be supplemented with a tin plate 1895 for alternative lip width.
  • 1887-1 - 1887-4 have adjustable lips in the security box to achieve the right border pressure.
  • 1887-1 - 1887-4 can be complemented with a deadlocking bar 1893 for locks with a deadlocking latch.
  • 43,5x19x200
Ordering Options
SÄK.BLECK 1887-3 PLANT 19,0 MM
SÄK.BLECK 1887-3 PLANT 19,0 MM
SÄK.BLECK 1887-3 PLANT 19,0 MM
SÄK.BLECK 1887-3 PLANT 19,0 MM

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