ASSA 249 Hookbolt lock


ASSA 249 is an extra lock with hook bolt intended for entrance doors in private homes, commercial buildings and other environments where additional security is required!

With installed micro-switch the lock can be used with the advantage of alarms and security systems.


  • The lock has 9-tumblers in brass.
  • At 360-degree key-turns automatic deadlocking occurs, deadbolt reaches 21 mm in locked position.
  • In order to complicate the sawing and breaking the hook bolt is hardened and guided. The hook bolt gives an extra strong bond between the door and frame.
  • The lock is a mortise lock with cut out standard SIS 81 73 83 = symmetric and SIS 81 73 81 = asymmetric.
  • The lock is away secure, which means that the key can be used from both inside and outside.
  • The lock meets the requirements of Swedish Standard SS 3522, Issue 4, Class 3 TR 29.


Standard version

  • Lock in galvanized steel.
  • Supplied with 3 keys in brass, reinforced nylonbange. Overall length 78 mm.
  • The lock case is prepared for micro-switch kit.
  • Hole for escutcheon with through-going screw.
  • Level tumbler in brass.
  • Hardened hook bolt that obstruct the cut.
  • Drill protection. 

Special version

  • The Keys are in galvanized steel. Available in lengths of 68, 80, 90, 125 mm.
  • Key Alike with all of ASSA 9-tumbler lock.
  • Installed micro-switch for use in alarm and security systems.
  • Asymmetrical locking.

Do you want to create a safe lock environment?

ASSA OEM has created "The lock guide by ASSA OEM", and it's made to give you knowledge and tips about approved lock sets. We really encouring poeple to read our tips and guidelines here: The lock guide

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