ASSA 780 Cylinder lock


ASSA 780 is a cylinder (with tumbler cassette) adapted for apartment doors. Especially suitable where the master key system is used. The lock is a very good alternative to the "key tubes".


  • The lock is a cylinder lock with lever handle function, where commonly on the market standard and security cylinders can be used.
  • ASSA 780 can be compatible with an easily fitted and removable 10-tumbler cassette.
  • At 360 degree rotation with key, or 90 degree rotation with thumbturn, given 22 mm extraction of the hook bolt and automatic deadlocking.
  • To complicate the sawing the hook bolt is tempered and steeled.
  • The cassette is used as an auxiliary lock with key activation from both inside and outside.
  • Locking cassette blocks away the cylinder and the thumbturn and then becomes away-safe.
  • The lock is also home-convenient, when the cassette is unlocked, which means that the thumbturn  is used for locking and unlocking when you are staying in the residence.
  • With installed micro-switch the lock can be used with the advantage of alarms and security systems.


Standard version

  • Mortise sashlock for standard or safety cylinders.
  • Suitable for single cylinder.
  • Available for both symmetric and asymmetric ward.
  • The latch bolt is easily reversible, without disassembling.
  • The lock case is prepared for micro-switch kit. 
  • Hardened deadbolt that obstruct the cut.
  • The cassette can be easily replaced by having the external forend plate loosened.
  • Security Cassette ASSA 5680 has 10 tumblers of brass, and comes with three 10 tumbler keys; 2 x 68mm and 1 x 80 mm in length.

Special version   

  • Suitable for double cylinder.
  • Installed micro-switch on the cassette.
  • With double Installed micro-switches for alerting the safety cassette indicator of the deadbolt.
  • Key length 90 mm.

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