Window stay restrictor ASSA 203


Used for inward-opening windows with bottom-hung, lipped sash.


  • Stops the sash in an open position decided by the position of the window stay restrictor.
  • Fits both right and left.
  • When tilting the sash past the stop position, such as for cleaning, the pin is pushed out of its snap-in position, which uncouples the rod from its fitting.

a) Rod.
b) Sash fixture with runner.
c) Frame fixture with pin.


  • Rod of anodized aluminium.
  • Pin of galvanized brass.
  • Other parts of acetal plastic in white or brown.

Instructions for milling

Assemble the window stay restrictor for right or left side. Push down the frame fixture pin until it snaps in. The outer frame fixture and the sash fixture are positioned to obtain the desired opening angle. The frame fixture is mounted to place the rod parallel to the sash.


For frame fixture, use no. 7 (3.8 mm) TKX / DIN 7996. For sash fixture, use no. 6 (3.5 mm) TKFX / DIN 7995.

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