Friction door holder 523T


Used for external doors, glazed doors, storage room doors, etc.


  • Holds the door with friction in desired open position. Prevents the door from blowing closed and reduces the risk of jam injuries.
  • The friction can be adjusted with the friction adjuster (on ASSA 534R, a tool must be used to loosen the lock nut).
  • Fits both right and left.

a) Frame fixture 
b) Telescope tube
c) Friction adjuster
d) Nut M16 
e) Rod
f) Door fixture


  • Frame and door fixtures of varnished steel with cover plate of acetal plastic.
  • Varnished steel telescopic tube with joint head of acetal plastic.
  • Friction adjuster of acetal plastic (for ASSA 534R: nut of nickle plated brass and stainless steel friction adjustment).
  • Stainless steel rod with joint head of acetal plastic.

Instructions for milling

Mounted according to instructions below.


For frame fixture, use no. 9 (4.5 mm) TFX / DIN 7997. For door fixture, use no. 7 (3.8 mm) TFX / DIN 7997.

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