ASSA d12


ASSA d12 is a patented cylinder series for high frequency use for private, voluntary and business residents. Recommended for securing all types doors in these activities. ASSA d12 1200 series is proprietary providing protection against unauthorized copying of keys. Within the cylinder series, it is possible to combine two different security levels to achieve the most cost-effective security solution.


  • Meets requirements according to EN 3522, class 3 / EN1303 Grade 6, Grade 2.
  • Insurance approved lock.
  • Contamination Protected.
  • Manipulation protected.
  • Pin Cylinder with 6 locking elements.
  • Combined with ASSA padlock range.


  • ASSA d12 technology is nationally and internationally patent protected against copying of keys, key blanks and cylinders.
  • ASSA d12 cylinder is designed to provide protection against physical attack, picking and manipulation.
  • Controlled access.
  • For high frequency use.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Can be combined with ASSA d12 0200 series which demands for approved lock is not set

Do you want to create a safe lock environment?

ASSA OEM has created "The lock guide by ASSA OEM", and it's made to give you knowledge and tips about approved lock sets. We really encouring poeple to read our tips and guidelines here: The lock guide

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