Code Handle Door 8814


ASSA ABLOY Code Handle Door (CHD) is a handle with a built-in code lock. The CHD 8814 is adopted for ABLOY lock cases.

The CHD is for easy and convenient locking/unlocking of interior doors, for instance office doors, consultation rooms, store applications, archives and back offices. Key-less locking. Patented product.

The handle is battery-powered and no wiring is needed when installed.


  • Suitable for ABLOY lock cases.
  • Master code and up to 9 user codes.
  • Blocking function if a wrong code is entered five times in a row.
  • Auto or manual locking.
  • No wiring, easy installation.
  • Available in right and left versions.
  • Material: brushed stainless steel and satin chrome zinc.

Fits doors of 35-80 mm. For doors of 25-35 mm, Distance ring 8820 is necessary.


  • Only for interior applications.
  • Two CR2, 3V lithium batteries in outer handle. (Batteries tested to last for approx 30 000 cycles of 1 locking and 1 unlocking.)
  • Indication when need of battery change.
  • Locking/unlocking funtion operated by 5 buttons on the handle display - 4 buttons for unlocking, by entering a 4-6 digit code, and 1 button for locking.
  • Master code and user codes firstly programmed at handle installation. The codes can then be changed an unlimited amount of times.
  • Blocking function when a wrong code is entered five times in a row.
  • The handle is always openable from the inside.
  • Tested to last for at least 100 000 operations, (EN 1906).
  • Fire tested according to EN 1363.

All CHD variants are available in a right or a left handle version.
All variants can be delivered as a version W/O code.
CHD is also available in several rose versions.

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