160 and 160S: with detachable frame fixture


Used for windows and glazed doors together with ASSA espagnolette, which has transmission device.


  • 150S and 160S are type-approved as child-safe restrictor according to building regulations outlined by the Swedish National Board of Building, Planning and Housing.
  • Applicable when the key has been removed.  
  • Operated with the espagnolette handle.
  • With the handle in closed position, friction holds the sash in the desired airing position.
  • To reduce wear on sash and hinges, the casement stay slips when overloaded.
  • With the handle in open position, the sash can be moved freely.
  • The friction increases with the opening angle.


  • 160S have a locking bolt, which limits the opening to allowed airing position with regard to child safety (max 100 mm opening).
  • To open past this position, the detachable key must be in place and turned.
  • When the sash is opened, the key is turned before the sash reaches the locking position.
  • The locking function returns automatically when the sash is closed and the key is removed. It also returns by turning the key back manually when closing the sash.
  • Use the plate ASSA 4575 to have permanently freed locking function (included in manipulation fitting ASSA 4570).


  • Friction runner of zamak.
  • End bearing and frame fixture for 160 and 160S of acetal plastic.
  • Operating catch for 150S and 160S of chrome plated zamak.
  • Plate ASSA 4575 of acetal plastic.

Instructions for milling

Top or bottom, depending on the espagnolette transmission. Instructions for milling, with measurements, page I 172-I 173.


When opening at narrow airing positions (0-200 mm openings), supplement with ventilation stay ASSA 85, 86 page I 179 or 92, 93 page I 178.


For friction casing, use no. 5 (3.0 mm) TFX / DIN 7997. For frame fixture, use no. 7 (3.8 mm) TFX / DIN 7997. For operating catch, use no. 5 (3.0 mm) TKFX / DIN 7995.

When ordering, please state:

  • 1. Sash width in frame fold, or standard size according to I 172.
  • 2. Right or left. Note: When opening at narrow airing positions (0-200 mm openings), supplement with ventilation stay ASSA 85, 86 page I 179 or 92, 93 page I 178.
  • 3. Inward- or outward-opening (applies to 150S and 160S).
  • 4. Operating catch 4570 (applies to 150S and 160S).
  • 5. Frame fixture 5550T, 5580 or 1640, page I 172 (applies to 160 and 160S).

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