Bolt ASSA 575


Used on side-hung doors, which are operated from the outside, inside or both.


  • Two point locking which can be supplemented with one or more side bolts, ASSA 244, page J 196.
  • Fits both right and left versions, by moving the stop link of the lock housing.
  • The stop link limits the handle movement between open and closed positions.
  • Travel is 28 mm for each bolt bar.
  • ASSA 575 is prepared for locking from the inside with a pushbutton cylinder, ASSA 2940, page H 165.

a) Lock housing.
b) Bolt bars, 13 mm square.
c) Bar guides.
d) Inner handle. 


  • Rower and handle bearing of zincaluminium.
  • Other parts of galvanized steel.

Instructions for milling

Surface mounting. Mounting instructions are included in the lock housing package.

Standard lengths

  • 2075, 2475, 2975 mm.
  • Handle height 1100 mm. Measurements relate to mounted bolt in open position.
  • Total length of the upper bar (ASSA 723): 939 mm (ASSA 0723 3093), 1339 mm (ASSA 0723 3133), 1839 mm (ASSA 0723 3183).
  • Total lower bar: length: 1064 mm (Fix 0722, 3106).
  • Upper bar end bevelled and bent 7 mm.
  • Lower bar end is turned and bent 7 mm.


Inner handle ASSA 2858, of galvanized steel. Grab bolt ASSA 564.
Side bolt ASSA 244.
Bar guide ASSA 354/13, 2 pcs. included in lock housing package.
Receiver ASSA 351/13, 1 pcs. included in the lock housing package.

When ordering, please state:

  • 1. Standard length, or for made-to- measure: total bolt length (mounted and in open position), and handle height (from bottom edge of bar to centre of handle rower).
  • 2.Handle item number.
  • 3. Other accessories. Unless otherwise ordered, delivery includes made-to-measure bolt with bar adaption like description for standard lengths. But for inward- opening doors, unbent upper bars are supplied.


  • For lock housing no. 9 (4.5 mm) TKX / DIN 7995.
  • For bar guide and striker 351 no. 9 (4.5 mm) TKX / DIN 7996.
  • For handle 1710 no. 8 (4.0 mm) TKF / DIN 7995.
  • For grab bolt 564 and side bolt 244 no. 12 (5.5 mm) TKX / DIN 7996. For striker 353 no. 10 (5.0 mm) TKX / DIN 7996.

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